Amanda Racanati - Owner of Mint Sprig Balloons and Decor in Woodbridge NJ

Amanda Racanati, Owner & Creator

Party decor and so much more, I’m here to elevate your event!

Mint Sprig was officially established in 2019 when I turned my passion for crafting into a successful business. 


Mint Sprig Balloons & Décor started from a hobby of making wreaths. I grew up around crafting form my mom and aunt who always had a knack for decorating and crafts. My mom would make a lot of our household décor (especially wreaths) and my aunt would paint ceramics.


I created a wreath as a birthday gift for my sister in law who jokingly said I could sell them. I decided to give it a go and I started selling wreaths and home décor. This was a part time thing, while I still was working as a High School English teacher. I had my first son and went out on maternity leave. While on leave, I was able to devote a bit more time to my business.


When my family leave was up, I went back to teaching and shortly there after went out again after having my second child.


I started to dabble in party décor and balloons and it just continued to take off. From my continued success and my want to be home as much as I could for my children, I decided to make this my full time job. I resigned from teaching and the rest is history.


Every time I get a new order, I put my heart and soul into creating precisely what you want. I am willing to work with you on every detail and turn your dreams of the perfect event into a reality.

Amanda Racanati

Amanda Racanati

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Amanda Racanati
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